Why Digital Marketing Matters So Much To Your Online Success as an Entrepreneur

digital marketing

As the pandemic winds down, Digital marketing emerges the new norm for businesses both large and small who have had to adopt this form of marketing to bolster sales and attract new and potential customers. The internet has become closely entwined with the lives of the normal populace. Voice search and virtual reality have redefined the ways viewers consume content online.

The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make in digital marketing is a lack of preparation and training. Entrepreneurs learn very quickly that taking this approach leads down a lengthy and expensive path of trial and error. Adding blog content to your site without researching and understanding your topic and researching the right keywords or running random ad campaigns is a thing of the past.

There are hundreds of companies targeting your customers in a variety of ways with larger budgets and years of building brand trust. The best way to pull ahead of that crowd is learning the right marketing strategies catered specifically for your business.

So how do you  appear as a shining beacon of hope amid a group of mediocre service providers? Let’s look at how your business can benefit from digital marketing.

Components of a successful digital marketing strategy

Optimized & regular social media posts, customer testimonials, and a clearly defined content strategy form the backbone of digital marketing. Therefore, digital marketing strategy is an everchanging recipe, with a few key ingredients. It evolves and adapts based on the current trend, with the ultimate goal of reaching out to potential customers in an otherwise, unique sort of way.

So, what are the major components, aka, key ingredients of digital marketing?

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did you know that 75% of people don’t look past the first search results page?

So, what if you have the best website in the world? If it’s not on the first page, people will not find it anyway. The foundation for a successful digital marketing campaign starts with Search Engine Optimization. It refers to strategies that propel your websites to the top ranks of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Higher ranks translate to more leads and increase your chances for a conversion.

How do you achieve these results?

  • Creating quality content based on search intent.
  • Improve user experience by streamlining navigation.
  • Get more authorized backlinks from trusted resources.

Note that SEO is long terms strategy and requires constant effort to maintain the top ranking. But the ROI is well worth the effort and will greatly benefit your business in the near future.

content strategy

Content Strategy

A successful content strategy spans over a period of years. It outlines how you plan on gradually unfolding your brand to the whole world. It consists of,

  • Clearly defined brand guidelines– This refers to a unique way of addressing your company.

So when someone is representing your brand, they know how to address it with regards to pre-established guidelines such as tonality, personality, language, etc. The goal is to maintain consistency with your brand name.

  • Marketing objectives – Determine your key performance indicators.

What are your short-term and long-term goals? Based on priority, divide them into groups and create content targeting each of those goals.

For example, a digital marketing campaign for brand awareness is different from local market communication.

  • Customer persona – Customer or buyer persona plays a crucial role in determining your marketing campaign.

Content curated for millennials will not sit well with a middle-aged crowd.

Identifying your target customer based on age, gender, income, location, education, job role will help you create laser-focused marketing campaigns guaranteeing better conversions in the long run.

  • Data and market research – Customer feedback, sales data, website traffic, search data, etc. will also help you focus your marketing efforts in the right direction.
  • Customer journey map – Journey maps outline exactly where a customer stands in the buying process. Do they need something? Do they have a product in mind and waiting for a final confirmation, maybe from a testimonial or a peer?

A journey outlines exactly how a customer gets to the buying phase from simply considering your product. Once you know what’s stopping them from moving to the next stage, you’ll know how to convince them.

  • Unique selling point (USP) – Curating content according to customer preferences is not enough. You also need to understand the current state of your industry for opportunities.

To compete with larger companies, you need a key selling point, a service that only you can provide, and highlight it in your marketing campaigns.

link building

Link Building

Building links to the right pages is a brilliant SEO tactic with the potential of bringing in tons of potential traffic. Here are a few things you need to focus on while running a link-building campaign.

  • Choose the correct keyword
  • Choose the right content
  • Keyword difficulty

Link building is the best way to increase domain authority. More relevant links equal more traffic which in turn increases the odds of successful conversions.

digital analytics

Marketing Analytics

Analytics keeps marketing costs low while maintaining a fairly high profit. It consists of tools that monitor KPIs which in turn helps in improving the campaign.

Factors such as site activity, sales and revenue, profitability, and brand reputation are all tracked by marketing analytics. Monitoring them is the best possible to ensure the success of any given marketing campaign.

Site Audit

Site Audit and Optimization

SEO audit and optimization is the process of analyzing web presence of any given website or brand. The goal of SEO audit is to come up with an actionable plan along with measurable results. Mostly, SEO audits reveal the following issues:

  • Technical SEO
  • Potential off-site problems
  • Website structure
  • On-page SEO
  • User experience
  • Competitive marketing insights
  • Content gaps

It is a comprehensive process that provides actionable recommendations, i.e., clear steps you can take to improve your site’s overall ranking.

Key Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has paved the way for several small businesses. It effective, cost-efficient and provides a high ROI is a relatively reasonable budget.

There are several benefits of digital marketing, some of which are mentioned in the list below:

Beneficial for Small business – Amazon is a horizontal market and even though its popularity, customers still visit niche websites for specified products.

Digital marketing allows these niche businesses to hold the top ranks on SERPs. With the right campaign, companies can effectively compete with the likes of Amazon.

A more targeted approach – With digital marketing you take a high demographic of individuals and pick those who are more likely to buy into your product.

In newspaper or magazine ads you don’t have complete control of your target audience. However, with digital marketing, you can target a specific age group, ethnicity, location, occupation, gender, and other interests.

Digital marketing is flexible and gives you precise control of your target audience, thereby increasing the odds of a conversion, while minimizing the costs.

Access to advanced analytics – Once again, let’s assume a TV or a magazine ad. You don’t know if the person is seeing the advertisement.

There is no indication if they were at all interested after seeing the ad. However, with digital marketing, you can access a whole new world of opportunities. For instance, you can see,

  • If they liked the ad
  • If they shared it with their friends
  • How much of it watched?
  • Which part did they concentrate on the most?
  • If the ad prompted them to take another action
  • If the ad made a sale

In the process, you also learn a lot about your target audience such as,

  • Who is interested in the ad
  • Which groups tend to spend more
  • Their general online activity and preferences
  • How to incite action from them

Advanced analytics lets you cut costs in unnecessary areas and redirect those funds to areas with the best results. Better ROI with lesser investment.

It’s the current trend – The internet offers far greater exposure compared to magazines or television as Millennials and Gen Z spend about 10 hours a day on the internet, including work and school. Also, consumers are more likely to Google products before they decide to purchase them. The internet is the ideal place to target potential customers and digital marketing is at the forefront of that strategy.

Personalized approach – Most people use ad blockers these days. They also despise the idea of being bombarded with ads.

Whenever an individual visits a website they are looking for credible information, not a sales pitch from the get-go. What they require is details that will help them make an informed decision. This is the reason why testimonials and reviews are so important in today’s day and age.

The beauty of digital marketing is that it allows you to market to these people in a respectful and informed way. It shows them the right thing at the right time. That’s the beauty of digital marketing.


Digital marketing is an art that is perfected over time. These are customized solutions that are unique to any given company. One company’s successful marketing strategy may not be applicable to another. Each organization faces a different challenge that has to be dealt with accordingly.

As an entrepreneurs looking to grow your digital empire you should engage in deep study and learning all aspects of  digital marketing campaigns and select the best elements that are the right fit for your company. Let us know the methods you are using in growing your business!

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