11 Video Editing Tricks to Increase Your Editing Speed

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video editing tricks to increase your speed

Are you struggling with editing your videos? Are you dreading the times is takes to complete the process? There’s a fun side to video editing; you get to unleash your personality and creativity energy. But the problem is that Video Editing can be very time consuming! Here are 11 video editing tricks you can use to speed up the editing process without cutting corners and lowering the video quality. 


Use placeholders for more complex Stuff You Can Revise Later

video editing placeholder

Tip #1, use placeholders for any items you need extra time to create or locate. This allows you to speed up the editing process and then you can come back and replace them. You don’t want to keep breaking up your editing flow to work on other elements. It best to focus on a specific process all at once, then shift to another process once complete.


Try to avoid any distractions

camera lens red

One of the reasons why video editing takes a lot of time is that you can easily get distracted. Turning off the apps you don’t need, avoiding emails and so on can actually make a big difference in increasing your editing speed. Avoiding distractions helps you focus and work more efficiently. 


Use keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are always your friend when it comes to video editing. Some tasks are repetitive, which means learning keyboard shortcuts can help a lot and significantly increase your editing speed. It does take a bit of time to learn shortcuts and implement them properly, but it certainly helps in the long run.


Leave the audio mixing for the end

audio mixing video

Mixing audio requires a lot of time investment, so leave it till the end. You want to work on the overall framework of the video and have it ready, then you can work on the more complex items after that. This way, you can move smoothly through the editing process.


Try to organize your video EDITING assets

video assets

If you’re organized, it will be much easier to speed up your video editing. The idea here is to organize all the video assets you’ll need in advance, making it easier to locate and manage them when you are going through the video editing process. Having quick access to all your assets when you need them is a game changer.


Take breaks

taking breaks

Believe it or not, taking breaks can actually help you speed up your video editing. Taking a break allows you to decompress, rejuvenate and regain focus. It might not seem like a lot, but a 15 minute break can make it easier for you to work better and faster once you return to working on editing your video.


Invest in better hardware

video editing hardware

Better hardware will help you with Video Editing quite a bit. Not only will you be able to create videos quicker, but the rendering times will improve as well. It’s certainly something to keep in mind, and you will appreciate the results and experience more than you might imagine. You don’t need to upgrade everything at once, you can upgrade one piece at a time until your fully upgraded suite is complete.


Compress or export in batches

video compression

You want to export or compress in batches because not only does this make things easier, it’s also more efficient. It allows you to get more work done, and the process will not take as long as it would if you export/compress individually. It’s a good trick and one of those things that has the potential to help you more than you might expect, so use that to your own advantage.


Allocate RAM properly

computer ram

Go to the system preferences in your Video Editing tools and optimize the memory for performance. When you do that, the system will focus on giving your video editing software the amount of RAM that it needs. Your software becomes a priority, and that’s when things become a whole lot better. It’s a clever idea, and one of those things that will definitely help speed up your video editing process.


Stabilize your videos

man holding gimbal with phone

Stabilization is key, because it allows you to optimize and improve your videos. It helps save time, since you would otherwise need to work specifically on this after you finish the project. Anything you can work on during the recording process saves time on the back end. If you do it right, you’ll be sure to increase your video editing speed.


Use plugins

video editor plugins

Plugins are known to help save a whole lot of time. Most video editing tools have plugins for that reason alone. Not only do you get to expand the overall feature set of the app, but you can speed up the editing process with the right plugins too. It does take a bit of a trial and error to make it work effectively, but if you do it right, the potential can indeed be second to none in the end. Try it out and experience the difference with your video editing speed. 



We recommend taking your time and using these 11 video editing tips and tricks to speed up your video editing process. Each tip might not increase the speed a whole lot, but together implementing these ideas can significantly help make your video editing process a whole lot quicker and a more enjoyable experience. It’s all a matter of experimenting and trying out various options until you discover the right mix that works for you. 

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