The Best 14 Online Video Editing Software, Period

online video editing software

If you’re passionate about video editing and want to create your own cool videos for YouTube or other platforms, you just try to focus on finding the best video editing software. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of options, you just have to figure out what works for you and see what you can improve and adapt in a proper manner. With that in mind, here are some of the best solutions you can use for offline or online video editing as you see fit.

PREMIUM Online Video Editing Software


WeVideo editor

This is a great tool that comes with a plethora of online video editing tools like motion titles, screen recording, green screen and animated text. They also have cloud storage, which makes them a reliable online video editor. Add to that voiceover and screencasting options and multi track editing, then you can see how reliable and powerful this can actually be. All you have to do is to avail the opportunity and test it out.


vidnami online video editing software

We like Vidnami because it’s a great point and click video market. It has royalty free music tracks, which is always helpful. They also have the ability to select colors and fonts, integrate your logo, and you can even have automatically designed captions and transcriptions too.


moovly video editing software

One of the reasons why this tool is popular is because it allows you to create great videos of any style. You also have automated video generation, text to speech support, speed up or slow down audio or video, and you can work with custom video templates if you want. They also have green screen removal or custom branding.


invideo screenshot

They have more than 3000 templates that you can use today. In addition, you can add power transitions, not to mention your video can be translated in other language. Add to that the fact that they have 3 million stock footage options, and you will see why it can be a great online video editor.

FREE Online Video Editing Software


lightworks editing pane

If you are looking for efficient online video editing software, this option should really consider choosing. They have high precision trimming, exporting to YouTube, and they support a lot of formats. You do have to pay for the 4K version, but otherwise it’s free to use, which is very impressive.


shotcut video editor

One of the reasons people like Shortcut is because this is a very powerful and easy to use tool but perhaps the biggest reason people like Shortcut is that it’s open source and fully free. They do have timeline editing that’s really simple and 4K HD resolution support. It can fit most projects you want to work on, which is what makes it a very reliable and powerful tool.

Easeus Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor

In case you want a simple online video editing software solution, this can help very well. It allows you to include effects, it’s even possible to use templates if you want. On top of that, you can trim MP3s, and it comes with support for most formats. If you want things like removing watermarks or higher end video features, then you will need the Premium version.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Editor

This absolutely free video editing tool is great if you want to convert videos, but it can also help you edit as well. They support 500+ formats, which goes to show the quality and value provided here. On top of that, they do a very good job at integrating subtitles if you want. And yes, this tool does come with 4K support as well. It’s lightweight and it definitely has all the features you need.


VideoPad Video Editor

While VideoPad is only on Windows, it’s great for newcomers. It has many premade transitions, a sound effects library, it can also reduce camera shakes and edit 3D content too. You can even use this tool to export your movies in various resolutions, which is great. That’s what makes it such a good option in the first place.

Machete Video Editor Lite

Machete Video Editor Lite

With help from this app you can fully edit anything you want. While it’s great online video editing software, it also does help edit metadata, extract video streams, change video file fragments and integrate videos into others if you want. That alone helps create a much better experience for all users.

VDSC Free Video Editor

VSDC Editor

A lot of people like this tool because not only is it efficient, it’s efficient and it helps with a lot of ideas. It can assist with color blending, and it has all kinds of clever, unique features for you to use. It’s possible to create shaped masks for hiding or blurring if you want too, which comes in handy quite a bit here.


promo.com video maker

Many marketers and freelancers use this tool because it has automated voiceovers, intelligent frames and other creative tools. On top of that, the customer service is great, you have an incredible UX that’s really easy to master, and on top of that you can get image stabilization, split and merge tools, speed adjustment, collaboration, brand/text overlay and audio tools. Additionally, along with the web version, there is also a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Hitfilm Express

hitfilm video editor

This is a great tool for general editing, but it also helps with 360 videos in particular. A thing to keep in mind is that it has those simple editing features you need, but it also comes with audio and video filters, masking and layers, 3D video support, keying for green screen effects, advanced cutting tools and many others.



If you’re a newcomer and want to try out something new and different, this is a great solution. It’s easy to use because you have all the information in a single place and a great visual style. This is the ideal option if you want filtering, encoding and simple cutting, nothing too complex.


As you can see, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding the best online video editing tool. It’s a good idea to take your time and study the right video editing software by experimenting. Try out different apps, see what works and what you can improve. You can actually obtain some great results with experimenting and figuring some stuff out, which in the end is well worth the effort. Plus, you never know whether you can find an even better app than what you already have now, so keep that in mind.

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