7 Must-Have Digital Apps for Entrepreneurs

7 Must-Have Digital Apps for Entrepreneurs during the Pandemic

With all the challenges that we are all currently facing with the global pandemic, it is incumbent on every entrepreneur to leverage the power of business digital apps in 2020 and beyond. The good news is that Entrepreneurs are no strangers to flexibility and adaptability. 2020 is a year that has been particularly challenging in the physical work environment and it has forced many businesses to strongly consider the option of working remotely. Fortunately, adapting to working in the digital space has been made easier for many entrepreneurs as it has  provided them with the opportunity to use digital apps to make their business lives easier, while also optimizing their workflow.

Even though it is clear that you should be verging into the digital space as a new or experienced business owner, the question you should be asking is what digital apps should you use for your business. Given the speed of digital business, you need apps that help you get you to that sweet spot of cost and time savings – getting more done at a lower cost. Basically, you need apps that will make your work days more productive. We have assembled a short list of digital apps that will immensely help with boosting your productivity in a variety of areas:

1. Trello

Trello Butler Done Drag 1

The strongest feature of Trello is the ability to create multiple lists. You can prioritize, create and modify tasks as you see fit. The system itself relies on cards, lists and boards that make everything very easy to organize. Each of these lists are composed of cards that represent either to-do items, projects, or a list of agenda items that you need to address for your business. This is very useful for solopreneurs looking to organize themselves but is also very helpful for small teams collaborating in a startup environment.

For many users, Trello is a very useful project management tool that makes it easy to share and manage information or ideas. In this way you can track tasks by assigning due dates, see what ideas team members have and also implement everything accordingly for the best results. Trello also has a mobile app and free syncing even if you don’t have a paid account.

2. Slack


Slack is one of the most important business apps if you work with a team. Based on a compilation of reviews of users who have transitioned from traditional email to Slack for communication and collaboration, customer satisfaction is extremely high. The best feature is the use of channels to create multiple conversations and communication accessible to the entire company. This allows communication to be open to all and not individually fragmented from the perspective of one user’s inbox. The ultimate goal is to streamline communication for greater productivity.

Slack has a great user interface that is easy for people to use on desktop or mobile devices. It is relatively easy to implement into any organization either small or large. You can bring the team together through this internal communication platform by organizing the entire team with ease, assigning projects and even talking with every team member separately. It also allows you to share images, PDFs and other documents in the chat. It is also possible to archive messages and files with great indexing, making all content very easy to search.

3. Canva

Canva header

It’s fair to say that there are a lot of us who aren’t artistically-inclined and can’t easily create engaging graphic designs, and that’s where Canva comes in. Canva is a simple, easy-to-learn graphic design platform that guides you from the ground up to create your own posters, e-books, t-shirt designs, presentations, social media graphics and any visual content. There are many ready-made graphics, fonts and images that you can utilize to create your own designs. This versatility is excellent for any entrepreneur seeking to create their own branded graphics and images to tell their own unique brand story.

Users can choose between Canva’s free version or Canva’s affordable version, Canva Pro. Canva Pro provides you with more control to customize your brand’s visual identity. You have access to 60,000+ more templates than the free version and upload your own fonts and logos into your designs. You also have additional storage and a filing system to organize either your designs or designs for your clients.

4. Wave

wave invoice dashboard

If you are just starting your small business that requires quoting and invoicing, you are going to need good accounting software. However, it can be incredibly daunting (and expensive) to use some of the best accounting software packages out there. Also when you are starting, you are likely looking for a simple invoicing system that doesn’t require you having an accounting degree. There are also ongoing subscription costs that are associated with using the most popular digital apps like QuickBooks or Freshly and those costs can quickly add up as you are starting your business. This is the major advantage of using Wave’s FREE invoicing software. Wave provides you with invoicing, logging vendors, tracking accounts receivable and accounts payable. The app is incredibly versatile and it has a great interface and great if you want to track expenses and sales, manage invoices and payments or create reports. It can even scan receipts.

The invoices you create can be customized and branded, so this helps you to look more professional. This tool is more suitable for sole proprietors and small businesses, and allows you to add multiple businesses that you can manage from one interface. Wave can handle payments for your invoices online so your clients can pay via credit card. However, a major disadvantage of digital accounting app even though it is really suitable for small businesses and freelancers, it really does not work for businesses dealing with large amounts of money. It can become increasingly complicated to collect huge sums of money that have been paid to you via Wave’s payment system as Wave requires additional paperwork and proof of contracts before these funds are released to you.

5. Hootsuite

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Managing your social media presence can be a chore, especially if you are using a multitude of platforms. Hootsuite is the best social media scheduling solution, it’s extremely versatile and adaptable to your requirements. The thing that makes it unique is that you can easily create and schedule posts in advance, track message streams, not to mention you can do that for dozens of social media platforms.

6. LastPass

lastpass vault.0

With so many hacking attempts happening at this time, you always want to make sure that you keep your information safe. LastPass is a password management app that will store your passwords online and everything is fully encrypted. It makes online shopping easier, while also lowering hacking risks. It can also help generate strong passwords for any website, including payment systems.

7. Calendly

header calendly

Every entrepreneur has to deal with meetings, and Calendly makes the entire process a lot easier. You let others know about your availability preferences, share a link and those persons will choose when they want to meet with you. It’s a flexible meeting management tool, it has comprehensive calendar integration and you also get automatic time zone alerts in case people are from another region.


These digital apps are great for every entrepreneur and they can provide you with business growth. You always need to push the boundaries and use solutions that will help you surpass the competition. With help from all these digital apps you can do that, and they are fully customized to suit your requirements. All you need is to take that into consideration, pick the right app and use it today. It will be well worth the effort!

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